About Potassium Sorbate

About Potassium Sorbate

The primary use of potassium sorbate is to increase the shelf life of various commercial products without causing any alteration in the taste, smell or color of the food.

Potassium sorbate inhibits the growth of mold. This is important because otherwise you’d open your product and … ewww. So we should be happy that food companies use this preservative, right?

Though found naturally in some berries, potassium sorbate is mass produced synthetically. No harm in that, especially since it makes it cheaper than sourcing from some wild berry in the Himalayas.

Potassium sorabte is also mild skin and eye irritant, but at the amounts used in food, this is not an issue expect for very rare occasions.

However, two studies have shown that potassium sorbate has the potential to mess with our DNA. In one study, PS is clearly seen to be genotoxic to the human peripheral blood lymphocytes (white blood cells). In another study, potassium sorbate mixed with ascorbic acid (vitamin C, which is present in many foods), caused mutagenicity and DNA-damaging activity. the risk demonstrated in the studies is very low, but it is statistically significant.

Gerbs Roasted and/or seasoned lines are Made, Packaged, Processed, and Shipped in our facility in the historic PK Foundry building in Johnston, Rhode Island. We do not use any cooking oils, thus everything is dry roasted at low temperatures to lock in the natural vitamins, minerals, & omega fatty acids, because we feel baking in a pool of oil is just as unhealthy as frying! We maybe a small business located in the smallest state, but we THINK BIG – Gerbs is unique compared to any of our competition, in that we handle all aspects of operation – from purchasing, production, storage, and distribution/shipping on our 100% dedicated packaging equipment by our specially trained and caring staff.

Gerbs is All Natural

  • Non-GMO
  • Chemical Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Nitrates/Nitrite Free
  • Trans-Fat Free
  • MSG Free

Recognized Allergens

Our entire product line is FREE from the Top 11 Recognized Allergen’s. We inspect, roast, package, store, and ship all our lines to ensure Gerbs are: Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Legume Free (which includes beans, peas, lentils, chick peas, lupine), Soy Free, Egg Free, Sesame Free, Milk/Dairy Free, Fish Free, Crustacean Free, Shellfish Free, and Mustard Free.

Testimonial from Shannon R Bradac

The fact that they are allergen-free makes them a great purchase for many and they are u.s.a. seeds and a u.s.a. small company doing the production and handling all speaks for itself..bottom line though is they care about their product and their customer..buy them..try them..you'll love them