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In a large bowl, mix all ingredients, use a whisky to incorporate everything evenly.

Pour about 2 tablespoons of batter onto a non-pan, top with a sprinkle of Gerbs Dark Chocolate Mini Chips. Cook on medium heat until golden brown.

Use an extra-large spatula, flip each pancake with a quick and smooth motion, cook until second side is golden brown. Remove from pan and serve immediately with toppings of choice. We have added more Dark Chocolate Chips, Roasted Sunflower Seeds, or for a little more texture, crunch up some Gerbs Sweet Banana Chips.

Gerbs Homemade Chocolate Pumpkin Spread

We strongly recommend making a few extra plain pancakes, put them in the refrigerator overnight to make a delicious chocolate pumpkin butter spread, for a unique dessert or mid-day ‘pick me up’.

Add 1 cup Gerbs Dark Chocolate chips, microwave safe bowl with a little dairy free milk until creamy for 1 minute, pause and mix with a spatula. Once all the chips are melted, stir in either Gerbs Lightly Salted Pumpkin Butter or Gerbs Sweet Pumpkin Butter, to make an allergy free Gerbs Chocolate Pumpkin-tella spread.



Written by Sennen Conte

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