Growing up, our parents encouraged homemade, all-natural, made-from-scratch cooking. They taught us how to make family recipes passed down through generations including our famous, roasted pumpkin seeds. Our company name “Gerbs” comes from our older brother Barclay Conte. In his spirited tradition, Barclay gave us the nickname “Gerbs” whenever he found us cooking in the kitchen with our parents. And the nickname stuck, to say the least!

For our family, pumpkin seeds were and remain a year-round snack. One night in 2003, we brought our pumpkin seeds to a Halloween party. They were an instant hit! As our friends gobbled them down, we realized our passion for sharing healthy snacks with the people we love. We decided right in that moment to open a business selling our roasted pumpkin seeds. And when it came time to name that business, the answer was easy. In unison, we said, “GERBS!”

Gerbs was incorporated in 2003. We started selling a single line of pumpkin seeds and by the end of 2005, we increased to eight lines of seeds in stores. As our business evolved, so did the marketplace. By 2011, we saw great opportunity in becoming an e-commerce business. By that point, we built up to more than 100 product lines in 17 categories. We made the decision to sell solely online through our website, Amazon and now Walmart. What started as two boys’ love of cooking is now our family-run & operated business. We hope this story makes you smile as you enjoy the products we are so very proud to produce for you and your family!