California Premium Grade Raisins, Resealable Bag

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Your Raisins are in a word "SUPERB"

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California Premium Grade Raisins, Resealable Bag

5.00 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews )

$8.49$28.48 available on subscription

2LB Re-Sealable Bag – Country of Origin USA

AMAZING NO ADDED SUGAR RAISINS! There are no other dried fruits on the market as fresh as Gerbs, which taste like you picked them yourself & dried them in the kitchen. Unsulfured (sulfur dioxide has been identified as a key problematic substance involved with allergic reaction to sulfite in foods), non-GMO, and contain no added preservatives.

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INGREDIENTS: Sulfur Dioxide Free California Raisins (sunflower oil)

Gerbs Top 14 Allergen Friendly Foods

Gerbs Raisins Allergy Statement

Gerbs Dried Fruits do not contain any harmful cancer-causing preservatives. They are unsulfured/SO2 Free, Potassium Sorbate Free, Sodium Nitrate/Nitrate Free and Sodium Benzoate Free.

All of our raw ingredients are processed, packaged, handled, stored, and shipped by trained staff in our family owned & operated facility in Johnston, Rhode Island on dedicated non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher Equipment. No co-packers. No co-manufacturers. For anyone with a mild to severe food allergy or a family with one, we wish to assure you that this is why Gerbs handles all aspects of production & operation, and we are among a handful of companies in the world who can state this.

This product was sourced by the Buyers at Gerbs who partner with the world’s top dedicated Natural, non-GMO, and farms that harvest in dedicated facilities on dedicated equipment so there is no risk of the top food allergen’s and/or cross-contamination. Our goal is to give the Allergy Community relief in the battle of living with food allergies.



Raisins look very simple and unpalatable with their aged appearance and dry texture but they are one of the nature’s healthy alternatives to those sugar-rich manufactured candies and sweet products! Raisins have been found to be beneficial not only for gastrointestinal problems but also for constipation. Raisins are really a healthy alternative to your unhealthy snacks! Don’t believe us? 

1. Raisins health benefits for Digestion:
Having a few raisins every day is good for your stomach. Raisins contain fibres that start to swell in the presence of water. This gives the stomach a laxative effect and helps to relieve constipation. Also daily intake of raisins keeps the bowel movement regular and the fibers help to keep toxins and waste products out of the system.

2. Reduces Acidity:
Raisins contain potassium and magnesium in good levels. Thus these help reduce acidity and helps remove the toxins from the system preventing diseases like arthritis, gout, kidney stones and heart diseases.

3. Helps against Anemia:
Raisins have a good amount of Iron as well as B-Complex Vitamins in them which help to treat anaemia. The copper present in raisins also helps in the production of red blood cells.

4. Helps Prevent Cancer:
An antioxidant named cateching present in raisins helps to protect against the free radical activity that can cause tumours and colon cancer.

5.Helps treat Infections:
Raisins have a substance named polyphenolic phytonutrients which is well known as an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant. It contains anti-bacterial properties which helps lower the risk of fever and kills the bacteria. Thus having a few raisins a day can keep you safe from cold and other such infections.

6. Helps reduce sexual weakness:
Consumption of raisins is also good for your sex life. Raisins contain an amino acid named Arginine which increases libido and induces arousal. It is good for men as well as it is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Also the added energy of raisins helps your conjugal life. Remember the tradition in India where the new bride and groom are given a glass of milk boiled with raisins and saffron. This is an age old practice that validates its effectiveness.

7. For the Eyes:
Raisins are found to be rich in polyphenolic phytonutrients which is an anti-oxidant that helps in keeping your eyesight strong. The anti oxidants in raisins help in protecting the eyes by reducing the free radical action that weakens vision and causes muscular degeneration as well as cataract. Also as raisins have vitamin A, beta carotene and A-Carotenoid, it is super good for the eyes.

8. For your Mouth and Dental Care:
Dried raisins contain Oleanolic acid which is one of the phytochemicals which is essential to keep your teeth safe from decay, cavities as well as brittle teeth. Raisins prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth to keep teeth in good shape. As they contain Calcium in good quantities, they also prevent the teeth from peeling away or breakage. Also the boron present in raisins is good for keeping germ build-up in the mouth low.

9. For your Weight management:
If you are desperately trying to gain weight, then these raisins are for your best friend. Raisins are rich in fructose as well as glucose and give you loads of energy as well as help you gain weight. It will help you gain weight without accumulating bad cholesterol.

10. For Good Bones:
Dried raisins also contain good amounts of Calcium which is good for bone health. They help you from arthritis and gout.

Enjoy Gerbs Dried Raisins

•Every day – Anytime Snack Food
•Greek Yogurt
•Oatmeal and/or Cereal
•Salad Topper
•Cookies & Baked Goods


Gerbs products are best when stored in air tight containers, kept in a pantry closet away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

We strongly recommend storing in an airtight container in a cool, dark environment like a pantry or kitchen cabinet, away from direct exposure to sunlight or excessive heat like an oven. The amount of times you open the container and let in the harmful effects of oxygen will only increase the likelihood of rancidity; thus we encourage you to not empty more than 1 pound of product at a time. Gerbs can be frozen too, but we do not recommend it, because the cell structures will change as the product thaws out!

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6 reviews for California Premium Grade Raisins, Resealable Bag

    5 out of 5

    Your Raisins are in a word "SUPERB"

    5 out of 5

    Perfect raisins.

    5 out of 5

    Raisins Gerbs raisins are delicious! They are fresh and naturally sweet. Prior to my anaphylactic allergies, I regularly ate the brands of raisins at the grocery store, but I can honestly say that Gerbs' are far superior and you get the same quality every time!

    5 out of 5

    Delicious! We are a food-allergy-family. Having said that, we prefer Gerbs raisins above all others. They are plump and tender. We use them for snacks, on top of ice cream, and in baked goods. My son especially loves oatmeal raisin cookies, and we use Gerbs oats for them!

    5 out of 5

    Peace of Mind We are a family with a long list of food allergies - peanuts, tree-nuts, wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, sesame. I had long ago given up on ever finding safe raisins and other snacks for my children. Well no longer! My 7-year-old pretty much devoured the 1 lb. bag of raisins in just a few days - he sprinkled them in his cereal and on his (coconut milk) yogurt, we mixed them with Gerbs dried pineapple and banana chips (yum!!) as a trail mix, or just ate them straight out of the bag. They were delicious and it was wonderful not to have to worry about cross-contamination (which is a big issue with raisins normally).

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Expanding our horizons Who would think that raisins would be so amazing! Knowing they are allergy friendly we can eat them freely and not worry. Finding raisins that are free of allergens was tough for us ( impossible really) so THANK YOU!!!

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