Dried Apple Slices

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It's my first time trying them and I thought they would be like apple chips although it was a delightful surprise that these are soft and delicious.

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Dried Apple Slices

5.00 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews )

$24.99 available on subscription

SOFT & CHEWY & ORGANIC! No Added Sugar Gerbs Dried New England Apple Slices are not only delicious, they are also unsulphured (sulfur dioxide has been identified as a key problematic substance involved with allergic reaction to sulfite in foods), and contain no added preservatives.

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DRIED APPLE SLICES INGREDIENTS: sulphur dioxide free, organic apple rings


Gerbs Dried Fruit Allergy Statement

Although we are a dedicated 14 Free product line & facility, if you have an allergy(ies) to any Gerbs ingredients, please email us first before ordering, so that we can answer any questions and talk about your options: sales@mygerbs.com


Gerbs Dried Fruits do not contain any harmful cancer-causing preservatives. They are unsulphured/SO2 Free, Potassium Sorbate Free, Sodium Nitrate/Nitrate Free and Sodium Benzoate Free.

All of our dried apple slices raw ingredients are processed, packaged, handled, stored, and shipped by trained staff in our family owned & operated facility in Johnston, Rhode Island on dedicated Non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher Equipment. No co-packers. No co-manufacturers. For anyone with a mild to severe food allergy or a family with one, we wish to assure you that this is why Gerbs handles all aspects of production & operation, and we are among a handful of companies in the world who can state this.

Dried apple slices was sourced by the Buyers at Gerbs who partner with the world’s top dedicated Natural, non-GMO, and Organic farms that harvest in dedicated facilities on dedicated equipment so there is no risk of the top food allergen’s and/or cross-contamination. Our goal is to give the Allergy Community relief in the battle of living with food allergies.

Nutritional Benefits – Gerbs Organic Dried Apple Slices

Eating dehydrated fruit is one convenient way to reach your recommended fruit intake, which is 2 cups daily for men and 1.5 cups for women, recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Since dehydrated fruit loses volume during the dehydration process, you should consider a half cup of dehydrated apples the equivalent of a 1-cup serving of fruit.

One of the main benefits of dehydrated apples is their dietary fiber content. A half-cup serving of the dried fruit contains 3.7 grams of dietary fiber. If you follow a 2,000-calorie diet, the snack provides 13 percent of your daily fiber intake, according to the Colorado State University Extension, or 18 percent of your daily fiber requirements if you follow a 1,500-calorie diet. Fiber helps keep you regular — it bulks up and softens your stools to prevent constipation. It also slows digestion, preventing blood sugar spikes that leave you tired and hungry shortly after your meal. Since fiber helps keep you satisfied after a meal, dehydrated apples make for a filling snack.

Dehydrated apples also provide a source of vitamins that benefit your health. The apples contain very small amounts of other vitamins C and A, two nutrients that keep your skin and bones strong and healthy. They contain several B vitamins, which collectively support your metabolism and nourish your liver and skin. A half-cup serving contains approximately 6 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B-6 and 3 percent of your daily intake of vitamin B-5, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Both vitamins help you make neurotransmitters, chemicals required for brain function.

Dehydrated apples also benefit your health due to their mineral content. Each half-cup serving contains 4 percent of your daily recommended intake of potassium, a mineral essential to nerve and brain function, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Dehydrated apples also contain a small amount of iron — 8 percent of the recommended daily intake for men or 3 percent for women, according to the Institute. You use this iron to make new red blood cells, so your tissues can get a fresh supply of oxygen from your bloodstream. Eating dehydrated apples provides small amounts of other minerals, including copper, manganese and selenium.

Cooking Tips
Dehydrated apples prove useful in the kitchen, lending flavor to a range of dishes. Try warming chopped dehydrated apples on a stovetop along with dried cranberries, apple cider and cinnamon to make a sweet condiment that pairs well with lean pork loin or chicken breasts. Add a handful of dehydrated apples to your oatmeal in the morning, then top with sliced almonds and cinnamon for a healthy alternative to pre-packaged apple-cinnamon oatmeal. Finally, try pairing dehydrated apple with mixed nuts and seeds for a homemade trail mix to keep you full when you’re on the go.

Enjoy our unsulphured Dried Apple Rings with:

•Every day – Anytime Snack Food
•Greek Yogurt
•Oatmeal and/or Cereal
•Salad Topper
•Cookies & Baked Goods

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7 reviews for Dried Apple Slices

  1. Eranone@tmlgri.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Yummy Dried Apple Slices It's my first time trying them and I thought they would be like apple chips although it was a delightful surprise that these are soft and delicious.

  2. angelina.morgante@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    I'm not gonna lie, I wish they were a little firmer, but if you like a nice soft apple slice., these are very soft and easy for a child or a person who has teeth problems to chew. They are pleasantly sweet and it's nice to know that there is no sugar on them. I do recommend them.

  3. beckydaigle@comcast.net
    5 out of 5

    Great product! Grateful for snacks my son can eat safely.

  4. semni@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5

    Delicious! Best dried apples I've ever had. Very plump, sweet, and fresh. And no sugar added!

  5. Jilloberle874@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Kids loved them! Kids enjoyed these! Would purchase again!

  6. alyssastark79@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Soooo Good! My kiddos LOVE these! Should have ordered 2 bags.

  7. goaskjulia@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    addictive Soft and delicious, nothing added, and perfect for my allergy needs. These are straight up addictive. Get two bags, I'm serious.

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