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Whole Grain Basmati Rice
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Whole Grain Basmati Rice

Basmati Whole Grain Rice
Basmati Whole Grain Rice Bag
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Whole Grain Basmati Rice Nutrition Facts
5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review )

From: $6.99

1lb Bag

Country of Origin: INDIA. Sold in 1 LB. Bags & Bulk Options Available


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Ingredients: Whole Grain Basmati Rice


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Gerbs Whole Grain Basmati Rice Allergen Statement

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although we are a dedicated no-nuts equipment facility, if you have allergies to any Gerbs Allergen Friendly products (grains, seeds, fruits, rice or oats), please email us first before ordering:

All of our raw ingredients are processed, packaged, handled, stored, and shipped by trained staff in our family owned & operated facility in Johnston, Rhode Island on dedicated non-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher Equipment. No Co-packers. No Co-manufacturers. For anyone with a mild to severe food allergy or a family with one, we wish to assure you that this is why Gerbs handles all aspects of production & operation, and we are among a handful of companies in the world who can state this.

This product was sourced by the Buyers at Gerbs who partner with the world’s top dedicated Natural, non-GMO, and Organic farms that harvest in dedicated facilities on dedicated equipment so there is no risk of the top food allergen’s and/or cross -contamination. Our goal is to give the Allergy Community relief in the battle of living with food allergies.

Gluten Free (including Wheat Free)
Peanut Free
Tree Nut Free
Legume Free
Egg Free
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Fish Free
Shellfish Free
Mustard Free
Sesame Free

NOTE: Orders 10 lbs. & greater will (at Gerbs discretion) ship in one large Bulk bag/package. Please eMail us prior to placing your order, with special requests to avoid bulk shipments (additional charges applicable). The buyer will assume all return shipping fee’s back to Gerbs and from Gerbs to the original shipping address.


Basmati Whole Grain Rice

Benefits of Indian Rice or Whole Grain Basmati Rice

Whole grain basmati rice is a unique long grain variety of rice grown in India. The word, “Basmati” means fragrant one in Sanskrit and also means the “soft rice.” Well acclaimed for its nutty flavor and delicate texture, Basmati is used in making a range of culinary delights and rice dishes all over the world. India is the largest cultivator and exporter of this rice, and the majority of Basmati rice comes from the fields of Punjab.

The long grains and the non sticky texture is what make Basmati a popular choice. The cooked grains are free flowing and would retain its flavor and texture. Whole grain basmati rice is available in white and brown. And some of the common varieties include Basmati-370, Basmati-385 and Basmati-Ranbirsinghpura (R.S.Pura). There are many hybrid varieties and fragrant varieties of this rice as well. The genetically engineered short grain version has all the features of traditional Basmati rice and has a higher yield than the other types.

This rice is recommended for diabetic patients. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, Basmati rice has a “medium” glycemic index, which is lower than other varieties of rice.

To enable the customers to differentiate between genuine and fraudulent Indian Rice, which is often sold at a lower price in the market, a unique PCR based assay which is similar to DNA fingerprinting in humans has been developed to safeguard the interests of the consumers, the Basmati rice suppliers and the traders. This technique can detect adulterated strains and Basmati rice exporters use ‘purity certificates’ based on DNA tests for their Basmati rice India consignments.

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