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Allergen Friendly French Coffee Beans

Adapted from a recipe on


Vegetarian, Gluten Free and takes 5 minutes. Just toss into your blender and blend well.

1 banana (if you freeze some bananas you can use a frozen one instead of ice!)
1 cup brewed strong Allergen Friendly Gerbs French Roast Coffee
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (there are now many kinds. Choose one that suits your needs)
1 cup of coconut, almond milk or rice milk
fresh ice (handful)
1 teaspoon Allergen Friendly Gerbs Chia Seeds


One of the best ways to jump-start your metabolism is by consuming protein soon after waking up. What’s quick and easy? A smoothie. This smoothie offers protein, omega 3’s, potassium and of course caffeine, so now you can have your protein shake, your shot of morning joe and potassium for your muscles and omega 3’s for your heart and brain all in one cup. Get the French Roast Coffee & Chia Seeds here at Gerbs!

Mygerbs French Coffee Beans

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