A MOUTHFUL OF HAPPY: Gerbs Chemical-Free Dried Papaya

A MOUTHFUL OF HAPPY: Gerbs Chemical-Free Dried Papaya

Chemical-Free Dried Papaya Surprising Health Benefits

First. Our Dried Papaya NON-GMO and is Sulfur Dioxide-free. In fact, all of our Dried Fruits are Sulphur-Dioxide-free. What is so fantastic about having chemical-free Dried Papaya in your purse or pocket or locker or lunchbox is that it’s a safe, naturally sweet food that can provide you with energy. Because it is naturally chewy, it satisfies your need to chew. The fiber in this fruit keeps your bowel clear and the carbohydrate gives you enough energy. It is naturally rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, and beta-carotene.

So other than safe snacking, what do you do with Dried Papaya? Here are some suggestions after you chop up the dried papaya nicely. Add to:

  • Oatmeal
  • Granola
  • Tropical  Chicken Salad
  • Quinoa or grain dish used to stuff winter squash
  • Mix with pumpkin bread or muffin mix
  • Mix into a homemade Tropical Salsa and serve over fish with cilantro lime rice.
  • minced papaya spears goes well in yogurt, over ice cream, in cookie or bread dough, with trail mix or in smoothies.

Since the length and weight of papayas vary, use weight, rather than the number of spears, to determine serving size. One serving of dried papaya spears is 1.5 ounces. Calories provide your body with energy, but also contribute to weight gain if you eat too many. One serving of unsweetened dried papaya spears contains about 20 calories, or 1 percent of the average daily recommended intake, or DRI, which is about 2,000 calories. However, if you eat sweetened dried papaya spears, each serving contains about 140 calories, or 7 percent of an average DRI. While sweetened dried papaya spears do not add a large amount of calories to your diet, unsweetened is much healthier overall. Get a mouthful of happy with Gerbs Chemical-free dried Papaya.


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