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About Gerbs Oats Benefits

Gerbs grains & oats are allergy friendly, gluten-free, versatile and satisfying. Gerbs Gluten Free Rolled Oats – Traditional Style should always be in your kitchen. Besides providing fuel, the dietary fiber in it offers advantages for your cardiovascular system. One specific type of fiber found in it is beta-glucan. As a soluble fiber, it can help maintain stable blood sugar levels because it slows down the absorption of sugars during digestion.

Another heart-friendly component in oats is an antioxidant substance called avenanthramide. It’s considered as an antioxidant because it slows down the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. The dangerous thing about this bad cholesterol when it gets oxidized is that it becomes highly reactive and can penetrate blood vessel walls. This event triggers inflammatory cells to gather where the oxidized LDL set in. When these cells in turn get embedded, plaque will eventually build up and the blood vessel is blocked. Further research on avenanthramides reveals that the substance helps prevent plaque build-up by suppressing the production of certain types of molecules that make inflammatory cells stick to blood vessel walls.

As it turns out, this antioxidant substance works well with Vitamin C, a more common antioxidant. In combination they extend the delay of LDL oxidation. So drinking some fresh orange juice with your bowl of oatmeal isn’t just satisfying, it makes nutritional sense. They are…always a good choice.

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