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Cayenne Pepper Powder

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Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne Pepper Powder
Cayenne Pepper Powder brand
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Cayenne Pepper Powder brand
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From: $9.99

A SPICE + HEALTH BENEFITS. Gerbs Cayenne Pepper Powder is used in cooking spicy dishes. We recommend adding small amounts, tasting and adjusting based upon personal tolerances. Cayenne is considered mild depending upon how much is used. Use sparingly at the beginning, keeping in mind that the heat level increases as it cooks. 3.5 oz jar. Read health benefits below.

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We recommend testing Cayenne in favorite dishes: Add to your favorite Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressings, instead of paprika on deviled eggs, Mexican food, Chili, Meat and Southern Style Seafood, as well as Spanish Beans & Rice dishes.

Cayenne Pepper benefits are also numerous and effective; it’s used to help digestion, including heal upset stomach, slow intestinal gas, stop stomach pain, cure diarrhea and as a natural remedy for cramps. It’s also used for conditions of the heart and blood vessels – including to improve poor circulation, reverse excessive blood clotting, lower high cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

1. Clears Congestion
Suffering from stuffed up sinuses due to cold, flu, or allergies? Cayenne pepper aids in breaking up and moving congested mucus.

2. Anti-Fungal Properties
In vitro tests have found that CAY-1, a compound found in cayenne peppers, effectively suppressed the development of 16 different fungal strains, while remaining completely non-toxic to animal cells.

3. Migraine Headache Prevention
This may be related to the pepper’s ability to stimulate a pain response in a different area of the body, thus diverting the brain’s attention to the new site. Following this initial pain reaction, the nerve fibers have a depleted substance P (the nerve’s pain chemical), and the perception of pain is lessened.

4. Digestive Aid
Cayenne is a well-known digestive aid. It stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the flow of enzyme production and gastric juices. This aids the body’s ability to metabolize food (and toxins). Cayenne pepper is also helpful for relieving intestinal gas. It stimulates intestinal peristaltic motion, aiding in both assimilation and elimination.

5. Helps Produce Saliva
Cayenne stimulates the production of saliva, an important component of digestion and maintaining optimal oral health.

6. Useful for Blood Clots
Cayenne pepper helps reduce atherosclerosis, encourages fibrinolytic activity, and prevents factors that lead to the formation of blood clots, all of which can help reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

7. Detox Support
Cayenne is a known circulatory stimulant. It increases the pulse of our lymphatic and digestive rhythms. By heating the body, the natural process of detoxification is streamlined. Cayenne also induces sweating—another important process of detoxification. Combined with lemon juice and honey, cayenne tea is an excellent morning beverage for total body detox.

8. Joint Pain Relief
Extremely high in a substance called capsaicin, cayenne pepper sends chemical messengers from the skin into the joint, offering relief for joint pain.

9. Anti-Bacterial Properties
Cayenne is an excellent preservative and has been used traditionally to prevent food contamination from bacteria.

10. Promotes Longevity
A study using data collected from almost half a million people found that people who eat spicy foods have a 14% chance of living longer than those that don’t. Researchers also found that regular consumption of chili peppers aligned with reduced rates of death from respiratory disease, heart problems, cancer.

11. Supports Weight Loss
Scientists at the Laval University in Quebec found that participants who took cayenne pepper for breakfast were found to have less appetite, leading to less caloric intake throughout the day. Cayenne is also a great metabolic booster and aids the body in burning excess fat.

14. Promotes Heart Health
Animal studies found that capsaicin reduced serious heart arrhythmias and improved cardiac blood flow.

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