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Chipotle Pepper Powder

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Chipotle Pepper Powder

Chipotle Pepper Powder
Chipotle Pepper Powder brand
Chipotle Pepper Powder ingredients
Chipotle Pepper Powder brand
Chipotle Pepper Powder Nutrition Facts

From: $8.99

3.75 oz jar
Store in a cool, dry, low humidity place, away from direct sun light & high temperatures.
Ingredients: Ground Whole Chipotle Chili Pepper.



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Chipotle Pepper powder is smoked, dried Jalapenos. Jalapenos are green for most of the growing season, but turn red in the fall.Most of the spicy heat of the Jalapeno is retained, setting the Chipotle at about 5,000 to 10,000 Scoville units. A little bit goes a long way, the strong smokey flavor and Jalapeno heat can be used in small amounts to add a lot of flavor. We recommend adding small amounts at the beginning of a dish to bring out the full Smokey flavor of the pepper. Add to your favorite Olive & Vinegar Salad Dressings, instead of paprika on deviled eggs, Mexican food, Chili, Meat and Southern Style Seafood, as well as Spanish Beans & Rice dishes.

Chipotle Peppers offer a variety of health benefits, including an ability to prevent certain types of cancer, reduce blood pressure, help manage diabetes, protect against heart disease, aid in weight loss, clear up various respiratory conditions, and defend against intestinal diseases. Furthermore, chipotle powder or peppers can help improve the immune system, improve digestion, aid in health bone formation, eliminate night blindness, and optimize nutritional uptake from other foods. Yep, all that.

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