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Oregano Flakes

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Oregano Flakes

Oregano Flakes
Oregano Flakes brand
Oregano Flakes ingredients
Oregano Flakes brand
Oregano Flakes Nutrition Facts

From: $7.99

1 oz jar
Store in a cool, dry, low humidity place, away from direct sun light & high temperatures.
Ingredients: Dried Oregano.



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While many people think of pizza when they think of oregano, this wonderful herb can add a warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor to many different dishes, especially those of the Mediterranean cuisine. Oregano flakes are known botanically as Origanum vulgare and is called wild marjoram in many parts of Europe since it is closely related to the herb that we know as sweet marjoram. Its name is derived from the Greek words oros (mountain) and ganos (joy) since not only was it a symbol of happiness, but it made the hillsides on which it grew look beautiful. Oregano flakes are strong, sweet and herbaceous. Excellent with Greek and Italian-type foods, fish, chicken and pork, in beans, eggs, pasta and pizza, sauces, salads and with vegetables. If cooing over an hour, add during the last hour of cooking; otherwise add at the beginning of cooking. Use about 1/2 tsp. per lb. of meat.

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